Two-bit argosies of blood and wonder (nom_de_grr) wrote,
Two-bit argosies of blood and wonder

Poor people lose.

This is absolutely the most outrageous news story to come out of my hometown in a while.

In a nutshell, Planned Parenthood was going to donate some land to Habitat for Humanity, but an anti-abortion group called the American Life League pummeled Habitat International with 10,000 emails, demanding that Habitat nix the deal. Because donors were threatening to walk over the association with PP, Habitat was forced to pull out.

In one of the nation's more expensive towns to live in, three affordable houses for struggling working people will not be built because a pro-life pressure group is on a slash and burn campaign.

I stopped getting upset about politics a long time ago, but this is just too much. Seriously, this blog post is a CALL TO ACTION. Click here to donate to the Sarasota chapter of Habitat for Humanity, and while you're at it, shoot them an email telling them why you are giving them your support. And click here to let Habitat International know how abhorrent and unacceptable it is that they buckled to such nasty political pressure.



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